The last thing I want to do here is throw shade at TB12 after winning a SEVENTH ring, but when it comes to living it up in the land of Mickey Mouse, Gronk has it all over Mr. Brady.

When Brady first went to Disney World (19 years ago) I remember him awkwardly sitting on a float and, though he was smiling, he looked like he was slightly uncomfortable.

Gronk looks like they may have to repeatedly ask him to leave when they close for the night at 10PM.

Throughout his 9 seasons here in New England, Gronkowski spent a lot of his time visiting kids at the hospital and losing repeatedly at video games while the whole room full of people would howl with delight.

He is the furthest thing from 'The Dark Side' but I'm willing to bet my next paycheck that he lost this lightsaber battle in grandiose fashion.

Check out Gronk here as he encourages Mickey to 'Gronk Spike' a football as Minnie cheers him on.

I'm telling ya, I think Gronk is going to stay there until OTA's begin in April.

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