Hard to believe that not long ago, we were all peering in the windows on High Street in Hampton wondering what was going in.  (or maybe that was just me)  Hagan's Grille is celebrating 15 years in that location on June 9, 2021.

A Big Thank You To The Local Community

I spoke with Dora Hand, the owner who told me that she really just wants to say thank you.

We've given to the community and the community has given so much back.  We have been embraced by so many people.  Our local clientele has continued to support us and without them, we would not be in business today.  This celebration is a way of saying thank you so much for the amazing response.


There are lots of prizes to be given away during the celebration

Dora is so thankful to the customers of Hagan's that she is giving away a bunch of prizes on June 9.

We have several locals who are contributing to raffles and prizes, including gift certificates to other restaurants in the area.  We just want to say thank you for supporting us during the pandemic.


This Was the First Restaurant for Dora

Dora and her then-husband Bob opened up Hagan's in 2006.  This was the first restaurant that they opened.  Although Dora and Bob are not together anymore, back then, Dora's husband would bring their two children to the restaurant so they could spend time with Mom.  Especially on holidays when the restaurant was open and she couldn't leave.  Although it was the most difficult job she had ever had, It was a passion for Dora and still is!

Best thing on the menu?

Dora couldn't answer that, of course.  Her answer was everything!  Right now is an exciting time for Hagan's Grille.  Recently, their Chef of 10 years retired and now, she is back with the original chef that started with her, Kurt Holtzweiss.  They are in the process of changing the menu, but she assures me that the fried chicken on Tuesdays isn't going anywhere.  Dora also said that she is pretty certain that they have hired another chef to help out Head Chef Holtzweiss, but she can't reveal the name yet.  She did say that the community will be thrilled, however, and she can't wait to tell us!



Do you have a dress code?

No, not for the customers.  Hagan's is described as casual fine dining with a touch of Asian and American flare.  If you go there, however, I would recommend wearing something nice.  It's kind of a snazzy place even though Dora would never turn you away because of what you were wearing.

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