It's gonna be a cold night in our beloved Fenway, and we know the obvious things we need to stay warm; we're New Englanders, after all.

We need the hats and the mittens and the ear muffs, BUT, here are a few things that you may not have thought of.  After all, our heads are a little cloudy these days because the RED SOX ARE IN THE WORLD SERIES!!  WOOT WOOT!!

1.  Vaseline:  According to ESPN, Vaseline blocks the wind from your skin.  I have not tried this, but it's part of the price we pay to cheer on our team.  The article also said that it's hard to get off your skin.

(FYI - here are some great tips for other uses for Vaseline.  Who knew?!)

2.  Hand Warmers:  The article also recommends hand warmers.  Those things can go anywhere, it doesn't necessarily have to be in your gloves.  I'm a let you get creative with that one.

3.  BLANKETS!!  Don't forget the blankets!  It's going to be COLD!  The National Weather Service says it'll be a chance of showers and a low of 44 Tuesday night in Boston.

In the end, it doesn't really matter if you freeze or if you are toasty.  To be there at Fenway for Game 1 of the World Series (or any of the games) is an unforgettable experience.



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