Maybe I'm old fashioned or haven't evolved, but the 'World's First Genderless Voice' sounds female to me. Listen to 'Q' for yourself and see what you think.

According to this Fox 26 piece from Houston, the technological development team 'Virtue Nordic' created this 'genderless' voice through a series of exhaustive experiments. No less than 4600 people were tested (using a numeric/gender spectrum of 1 through 5) until the voice was perfectly calibrated as being neutral.

Either one or two things are happening here as far as my interpretation.

I must be one of the few that scored a high number when hearing the voice, 5 = female.

OR, proving the point of this study, I subconsciously assigned this voice as female because I thought it sounded a bit like Siri. Automated female voices are commonly used as service providers.

What do you think? Male? Female?

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