How about these kids?

The Nashua High School South students in New Hampshire have raised money to make sure all classmates never miss out on lunch, according to a Stitch video posted on MSN. They launched a "Meals Matter" program after noticing a sign in the school’s Cafeteria that read "No money – no food," the video states.

They wanted to get rid of those signs and decided to create a program in order to do that. If you think about this, in this great country that we live in, no kid should go hungry. For that matter, no one should!

According to the video, their organization raised $25,000, which covers lunches for classmates "who don’t qualify for the school’s free lunch program."

“Meals Matter” helps about 100 students each week, the video states, and the organizers already have plans to expand to another school pretty soon. The ultimate goal is for the program to be used across the district within three years.

“We’re not getting anything out of this, other than just the simple pleasure of knowing we’re doing something good for somebody else,” one student shared in the video.

What do you think of this program?

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