Yesterday, I wrote about the Dover Aldi that had all kinds of construction vehicles around the building and I did some investigating of when exactly would the new Aldi open.  According to the developer, Jim Mitchell, Aldi in Dover will open on May 2nd.  Just over two weeks!

One of our listeners this morning on the show called in and told us more about the store:

One of the things they're known for is, you bring a quarter and you have to put it in a machine to get a shopping cart, but then if you return it, you get the quarter back.  People will hand you a quarter in the parking lot to get your cart before you even return it.  They are also quite small, like Trader Joe's, that's why the cashiers are also the ones stocking the shelves.

One more thing about Aldi's is you have to bring your own bags.  They don't have anyone bagging your groceries either.  Good to know!

See you on May 2nd!

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