I hope you are as a passionate about your craft as I am mine. Some might argue my passion crosses well into nerddom, but so be it!

But I always appreciate the history and heritage of where I work as, in broadcasting, there is often a steep tradition.

Here's a fun fact that pertains beyond the geekery of radio enthusiasts like me: our 105.3 FM frequency WSHK holds the distinction of being the only radio station licensed (each radio station has a city of license within the region it transmits) to Maine with a transmitting site outside of Maine.

WSHK is licensed to serve Portsmouth and the Seacoast region with a city of license or "COL" in Kittery, Maine's southernmost community.

The FCC does NOT require the transmitting tower or studio to actually be located in that city or town however, only within 25 miles of it; this is why WSHK (and our sister frequency 102.1 WSAK) has its studio "the Shark Tank" in Dover and transmitting tower in Eliot (though originally also in New Hampshire), according to this article from Boston Radio.

The station signed on in 1989 as WKCD, then WHIM, then WXBB playing a mix of music but mostly country before becoming the predecessor to "The Shark" as "Arrow" playing rock hits of the 60s to then present day 1990s grunge, the article states.

In 2000, WXBB became WSHK and with sister frequency 102.1 The Shark was born and we've continued playing classic hits, evolving with times ever since.

Do you remember?

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