Anyone over the age of 25 is bound to make this error when referencing this current Red Sox player and there's another coincidence here that is downright scary.

Houston Astros v Boston Red Sox
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This Is Christian Arroyo


He is a first round draft pick, one of the best players in the country.


This kid can play REALLY good defensively and , man, that three run homerun last night was the loudest I've heard Fenway Park this year.


- Tom Caron - On Christian Arroyo

The only problem is, there was a well known Red Sox player on the 2004 World Series Champion Boston Red Sox squad that had the same surname.

New York Yankees v Boston Red Sox
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This Is Bronson Arroyo

Aside from being a cool guitar hero, Bronson is well known for plunking A-Rod in a regular season game that ended up in a huge brawl that year.

And during the ALCS he was the pitcher who A-Rod slapped at, in one of the most infamous interference calls in baseball history.

Even though Fenway was rocking last night due to Christian's home run, I bet a few thousand Sox fans were yelling 'Way to go Bronson!'.

Even our Boston Sports Insider Tom Caron has made this mistake on multiple occasions, so, I don't really feel that badly that I've been calling this season 'The Summer Of Bronson Arroyo' all morning.

TC presented us with another fact this morning concerning these two. Would you believe they BOTH attended the same high school in Brooksville, Florida?

They're not related, went to the same high school and every Red Sox fan confuses their names all the time.

It should be a Twilight Zone episode!

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