Check out the full interview with Governor Sununu today in which he discusses the $100 Million Dollar State Mental Health Plan implementation, a possible NH Department of Energy and a candid discussion of the most common complaints that he receives.

Governor Chris Sununu via Facebook
Governor Chris Sununu via Facebook


Here's an amazing thing, there's not a lot of huge announcements to be made. New Hampshire is getting out of the vaccine game in the state, we'll talk a little about the transition that's happening there.


Not a whole lot of COVID announcements, which is a really good thing. We'll probably start pulling back from those a little bit. I guess that's a sign that we're doing really well here. We really are.'


- Governor Chris Sununu On Today's NH Response To COVID-19 Press Conference

As someone who has watched nearly every minute of these press conferences, I've appreciated how informative and calming they have been. I've been dreading the announcement of their cancellation, but hearing it in this context, not to mention directly from The Governor, makes it easy to accept.

It will not surprise me if today will close out the 'NH Response' pressers, for at least a few weeks.

He literally left no stone unturned today as he let us know that The Shark provides his soundtrack on the weekend. More specifically, our 'All Eighties Weekend' is the exclusive music provider when he is laboring away at a backyard patio made of stones.

A big Def Leppard fan, it's nice to hear that he certainly has it tuned to the correct 'rock' frequency.

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