For those of you that may say, 'We had it rough back in my day', I'm here to prove that back in the summer of 1981, Granite State Gen X'ers had it quite easy.

Father with two kids travel by car on sea vacation

Thursday, June 11th through Wednesday, September 9th 1981

Read 'em and weep! Ninety One days in the sun.

The only way I can confirm that the last day of the '80-'81 school year was on June 11th is because it is my Mother's birthday. How ironic a gift is that to spend the next three months with three kids going bananas somewhere in the heart of Gonic, NH.

Figuring out the first day of school for that next year was easy, It was a scheduling rule that I was lucky enough to have for my entire 12 year run. It was ALWAYS the first Wednesday after Labor Day.

Every single June I could not only tell you the exact minute that school would let out for the summer but also the date of Labor Day.

Now, things have completely changed.

My nephews have school until June 22nd this year. That's along with the post-modern destruction of the snow day mind you.

And every year I ask them when the first day of school is, I turn pale and sickly when they say 'I don't know, August something'.

I don't blame them for not knowing, I'd willfully put it out of my mind too.

I used to think we had it bad when Labor Day would hit on September 1st!

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