This was posted on the NH State Police Facebook page:

In an attempt to get more information, Seacoast Current contacts at the NH State Police department said:

Once you are on 93, that's different troops. It's usually a different troop.  If there was anything significant, a press release would go out.  Troop A does not cover 93, and I don't even know when this occurred.


I can sympathize with the driver.  Sometimes, when I have been in the same circumstance of getting off on the wrong exit, I have so wanted to turn right back around and correct the problem.

I remember when I was at another radio station and I was doing a "promotion" that involved me riding in the car with the top half of my body outside of the sunroof.  My driver and I made the mistake of going on the highway with this promotion.  Not only was my body outside of the sunroof, but we were going about 25 miles per hour on the highway.  The Trooper who stopped us, immediately I might add, was very concerned.  He said that what we were doing was very illegal and I should have known better.  I actually didn't know better, but I now do!  After talking to the Trooper for a few minutes, he went easy on me and decided not to put the cuffs on.  Yes, he wanted to arrest me and thank GOD he didn't.  I thought I was just doing my job!  Boy, I learned my lesson!

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