Get it? The #1 reason? Boston Bruins goaltender Former Maine Black Bear Jeremy Swayman wears that number on his sweater and I seriously hope The B's put him in net tonight!

Boston Bruins v Washington Capitals
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Trailing three games to two in the second round of the playoffs, The Bruins just can't seem to catch a break.

This has been one of the most frustrating series in my memory as Boston is consistently outshooting The New York Islanders game after game, yet, after sixty minutes, the scoreboard always tells the same old story.

There are multiple reasons why I think this netminder switch has to be made by head coach Bruce Cassidy tonight and it's not for the reason you probably think it is. I am the last person to bash on Tuukka Rask.

He has carried them through a lot of lean stretches over the past dozen or so seasons and they've made it to the NHL Stanley Cup Final twice with him. I can't think of any other Bruins goalie in my lifetime that can say that.

I do happen to think that he is one of the unluckiest players in the entire history of Boston sports (and that's really quite a statement).

With The Bruins reeling after dropping that crucial home game, the move to Swayman just makes sense.

It's a traditional hockey move to switch the goalie when things aren't rolling your way. To do so with a kid with local ties? It's like a Hollywood movie script, but in real life!

Up at The University Of Maine, he was a Black Bear, now he's a Bruin! It's perfect!

It's quite possible that he could get lit up, but at this point I really think he needs to start. If he wins tonight, The Garden will go absolutely bonkers for Game 7.

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