Yeah, so I won a bunch of money on a game called 'Rogers and Hammerstein's Cinderella' You gotta problem with that?!

Train Images
Train Images - AGT Slots

Last Tuesday night in Vegas was unlike any other as seemingly every machine I touched would render an impressive 'line hit' or 'Bonus Round'.

In the case of the game above, I received several of each.

Usually I'll only wager a dollar a spin if things are going good and for the first 24 hours of this Vegas trip, things were going REALLY good.

Three glass slippers anywhere on this screen means that you get to play a number of 'free games' that have additional multipliers that are assigned to certain reels.

This happened on three separate occasions!

I started with only a twenty dollar bill and by the end of this session was staring at over $360!

Sure it's a little embarrassing to say I hit a jackpot thanks to Cinderella, but after 27 trips to Vegas without a significant win? I'm very happy with the outcome of this particular tale!

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