This house could get me in real trouble.

Why do I always look at Real Estate online that I can't afford?  I swear, it's more appealing than any other social media feed - Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest... Give me or any day.  I get lost in those sights and dream for hours.

I am looking for a bigger house for my sister, my husband and I and our kids, should they choose to come back and live with us.  Also, we are looking for a space for house parties.  Last year, we had a Christmas party that absolutely packed our house.  It was waaaay too small, so I'd really like something bigger, so I'm always looking.

My online search brought me to one of the most beautiful houses in the area:  129 State Street in Portsmouth, NH.  The primary agent is Jane Chase, through Legacy Properties, Sothby's International Realty in Maine.

Just look at these photos!!  The colors are absolutely fabulous!  Who wouldn't want this home?  All I need is about 3 million more and it would be MINE.  Maybe if I go in on it with about 50 other people, I might be able to afford it.  I can dream, can't I?




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