When a former National Senior Advisor to the COVID-19 Response Team referred to 'The Delta Variant' as 'COVID on Steroids', it caused a great deal of concern. Did you know there are active cases of it here in The Granite State?

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Thirteen Active NH Cases Of 'The Delta Variant' - As Of 6/17/21 (Courtesy Of NH COVID-19 Response Press Conference)

Since the fist active case of COVID-19 was reported last March, I have been pretty much been hitting the refresh button on the NH State Response website with a spray can of Lysol and a canister of bleach wipes at the ready.

You can imagine how much I freaked out last November when the total active cases spiked by 500 over the course of just a couple of weeks.

Going through that nightmare has provided a nice perspective on the improved safety conditions in this current post vaccination landscape.

According to several sources, the first case of 'The Delta Variant' being reported in New Hampshire, occurred on June 9th. As we all are aware of by now, the incubation period between infection and showing symptoms is usually around five days.

That period of time has almost passed twice over and the 'Delta' spread has, thankfully, been far from 'substantial'.

Unfortunately, there is no way for anyone outside of the NH medical community to ascertain which county this strain has been located in. The highest number of unspecified COVID active cases of (50) still reside in my home county of Strafford.

However, that number of cases in Strafford County has dropped by seven total, over the past two days.

I'd have to think that if 'COVID on Steroids' was lurking within, the statistics would look a lot more troubling.

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