Post Pandemic Pooping

Now that events are opening up and everyone is going everywhere there has become a problem with, well, going potty.  Maybe the pro tip for going out to events again is to make sure you go to the bathroom before you leave home.

The price to rent a portable toilet has gone sky high, according to reporting by

How Expensive is it?

As with most items, it’s all about supply and demand and the demand is way up for portable toilets.  Event organizers have been stunned at the price of rentals.

Some are seeing price increases of 400% over years past, according to the news station. If you are attending Laconia Motorcycle Week, fear not.  City managers have made sure they will have you covered.

City manager Scott Myers tells, “We wouldn’t want to ask property and business owners to bear the burden of hosting tens of thousands of visitors a day to use their infrastructure and their facilities.”

I can’t imagine bike week with no place to go to the bathroom.  That might make for a very messy situation.


Why the Increase?

Why has the price to poop gone through the roof?  Well, the pandemic does play a small role.  Many manufacturing companies that produce the parts of a portable toilet shut down so there is a lack of parts, according to WMUR.  In addition, many health care workers were quarantining from family and were requesting them, the news station added.  Also, demand from construction sites and new outdoor dining establishments drove up demand.

If you are planning on renting a port-a-potty for an event this summer, you aren’t going to find one so you better start planning for other arrangements.



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