Whenever I get a craving for this combination, I always go to Strafford House of Pizza for the essential ingredients. Allow me to explain.

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It's not that difficult a recipe, but there are subtle elements of preparation that make it essential to FOLLOW THE RULES!

As tempting as it may be to order a LARGE buffalo chicken sub from Strafford, you need a small and with ONLY lettuce and tomato.

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As you can plainly see, THREE (not two, not four) mozzarella sticks fit perfectly inside the sub. Also, you need to put them on the tomato side. If you put them on the lettuce side, it just doesn't stay together as neatly when consuming.

As far as condiments, that part is up to you. (I've been demanding enough in the prep stages.) I will say that either the marinara sauce that they give you is just as good as blue cheese or ranch. I've had them all!