WOW!  Check out this video from WMUR showing 89 this morning.

Entire trees down on the side of the road!  The snow was really heavy this morning in parts of NH and it made for a TREACHEROUS drive!

WMUR also reported that traffic was STOPPED on I-89 for much of this morning in the Lebanon area after multiple tractor-trailers and cars went off the road.  Also, 293 North was CLOSED after two tractor trailers became stuck in the snow.  Un-be-lievable.  We are used to driving in the snow and do see accidents all the time, but this was just unreal this morning.  Several other roads were closed and accidents were everywhere.

Let this be a warning to you, my friend - if you have 4 wheel drive, don't be fooled in to thinking that you are going to be fine on the roads when we get precipitation like this.  The snow/rain mix is deceptively dangerous, so take it easy!

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