With the Supreme Court ruling that States can authorize sports gambling yesterday, I figured (as The Shark's official gambling expert) that I better tell you the proper way to place a sports wager.

Philip Lange - ThinkStock
Philip Lange - ThinkStock

1-  The Dollar Amount

So you want to bet on The Red Sox to beat Oakland for ten bucks.


With any sports bet, be it horses or total points, teams or futures, the proper etiquette is to say the amount you're wagering FIRST! This is very important.


2- The Three Digit Game Number

A lot of people, even people who gamble more than I do, don't know of this. But every single thing you can bet on at a legal Nevada Sportsbook will have a number assigned to it.

The most common bets, such as straight team bets, are assigned a three digit number.

This is the second part of the sentence you should say when betting on sports.

For instance.

'I'd like ten bucks on 962 please.


'Ten on 962.'


'Hello sir! May I please wager ten dollars on NINE SIX TWO this evening? I love The Boston Red Sox and I love that dirty water. Tee hee'

All of these are correct and WAY better than

'Yeah rahhhh? What I do fuh The Sox tnight?'

Whatever you do, please don't say something like that.

I'm hearing rumors that Massachusetts may be the first New England state in line to allow sports wagering and , generally speaking,  Massachusetts natives have NO PATIENCE for anyone who is the least bit unsure how to complete a task as quickly as possible.

Once you can wager at your local Bay State gas station, PLEASE use the phrasing order that I highlighted above to avoid any verbal abuse or bodily harm.

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