If you're worried about how to tell your Nana that you won't be coming over to see her, first of all, good luck.  Secondly, here are some suggestions that you can use when breaking the news, according to Today.com.

  • Be firm in your decision.  If you're wishy-washy, your family will see a crack in the concrete and try to convince you to come over.  Don't let 'em do it to ya, if you have really made the decision to stay home.
  • Tell them right away.  Don't wait until the last minute, that will only increase your stress and theirs too.  Give them time to accept it.
  • Validate their feelings once you've told them.  Don't argue about it.  They have a right to feel disappointed and maybe it's a good opportunity for you to say how bad you feel about the whole thing too.
  • You can also pull out the CDC guidelines.  Those things are always a complete joy-kill, so you can always pull those out.
  • Offer another time that you all can get together.  This one never works on me.  People know that I am rather obsessed with "living for today," and "there may never be another chance again," and "we're all gonna die someday."  BUT, I suppose, if you have to say something to get them off the phone, this one will work and give a glimmer of hope that y'all will see each other again someday.

I do realize that this pandemic is scary for some, so I have to respect their feelings.  It doesn't mean that I like it.  Here's to next year!

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