Who doesn't love Christmas carols?

No matter who you are, everyone enjoys Christmas music. Some people listen to it all year long, while others hit 'play' immediately after Halloween. Yours truly tends to wait until after Thanksgiving, and some folks even manage to hold off until December 1.

Regardless of when you consider it acceptable to listen to holiday tunes, one thing's for sure: people are passionate about their Christmas music, and with good reason. It adds extra cheer to the holiday season, puts you in a good mood, and brings up feelings of nostalgia.

But of all the carols and seasonal songs that are out there, which one is the most popular in New Hampshire? Well, now we know.

FinanceBuzz came out with a list of the most popular Christmas songs in each state, based on Google Trends findings. It turns out that our neighbors up in Maine enjoy rocking out to 'Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree'. Folks in Vermont listen to 'White Christmas' a lot, Massachusetts residents prefer 'Last Christmas', while Rhode Islanders have 'Santa Baby' on repeat. Lastly, Connecticut residents apparently like Kelly Clarkson, as 'Underneath the Tree' was their favorite, according to the study.

As for New Hampshire...*drum roll, please*...

The most popular Christmas song in New Hampshire is 'It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas'. In this writer's opinion, that song is definitely a fitting choice for our state. Not only do we live in a region where a white Christmas is entirely plausible, but we're also surrounded by 12 of the most magical winter wonderland towns in the country. It doesn't get more festive than that.

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