The family went out for ice cream to top off a really nice Father's Day weekend.  We went to a place that we had never been before, but there are not a lot of choices where we were, so we decided to give it a go.

We got a small soft serve vanilla cone with cherry topping dip and a double scoop with black raspberry and coffee hard ice cream.  It cost almost $10.00!!  I thought we would be in for a HUMUNGO serving, but when the order came out, we got two scoops of ice cream that I would probably serve at home - and that's conservative.  The vanilla cone was was even smaller than I expected.  I felt a little ripped off.  I can't tell you the name of the place, but now you know that they sell ice cream.  haha!

A-Train told me that I should have gone to Lagos Ice Cream in Rye.  Shark Nation listeners told me about Aggies in South Berwick, Stillwells several locations and Sugar and Ice Barrington.  Now I know and more importantly, so do you!




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