I LOVE Oreo's. They're my go to store bought cookie, and I enjoy trying their new and different flavors, however, I was NOT excited about 'Firework' Oreos. I WAS WRONG!

So, the new 'Firework' Oreo's have popping candy in the cream filling. Think 'Pop Rocks.' Honestly, I didn't think the popping candy would add all that much to the cookie, but I was mistaken, these things are fantastic!

They taste like regular Oreo's, but you get an enjoyable bonus crunch and tingly feeling. I didn't really taste the flavor of the popping candy, so it doesn't take away from the Oreo flavor that you're used to.

Don't get me wrong, if I'm in the store and I need to get my Oreo fix on, I'm going Double Stuf all day long, every day, but the 'Firework' Oreo is a nice change.

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