I don't know how you choose to eat your Oreos, however, I prefer to try to take them apart and try to save the filling to eat last (don't judge my strange eating habits). Some people choose to dunk them in milk, eat them whole, or just bite into an Oreo.

If you are like me and normally pull apart your Oreo, then you know the struggle to get the filling to be equal on both sides of the cookie. Well, imagine paying roughly $80,000 to try to find out how to get the perfect split of filling when pulling apart your Oreo.

College tuition isn't cheap, we all know that. Well, MIT students pay about $80,000 a year for tuition, housing, student life fees, food, books, supplies, and personal expenses according to MIT's Student Financial Services.

So imagine going to MIT to study "Oreology," which according to Vice is the study of "the flow and fracture of sandwich cookies", which looks to see if Oreo filling can be evenly split between the cookies.

According to Vice, Crystal Owens, a Ph.D. candidate in mechanical engineering at MIT had the lifelong dream to find out how to get an equal amount of filling on each Oreo cookie when splitting the cookie. Owens led a team of researchers to try to solve this.

The research team used a 3D-printed tool called “Oreometers” that hold the Oreos and apply precise, varying levels of pressure to open up the Oreos.


Unfortunately, according to Vice, even with using the “Oreometer,” there is no secret way to evenly open an Oreo perfectly. The findings still showed that there will always be more filling on one of the cookies.

My question though is what about double stuffed Oreos? I guess if you want more filling that may be the best way to go, as MIT researchers claim you will always get more filling on one side. No matter what, it will still be delicious.

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