A child being allowed to eat a cookie in school just got a little more complicated.

A woman in Pennsylvania was surprised by a permission slip her child brought home. The slip needed to be sign in order to grant permission for her child to eat Double Stuff Oreo cookies.

The science teacher at the school was using the cookies to enhance a lesson on geology, and of course, after the lesson, presumably the cookies would be up for grabs.

I suppose in this day of food allergies and gluten free diets, the teacher was just doing due diligence. As usual, the first of everything gets a lot of attention, and a school permission slip for cookies is a first for me.

Like many of you, I recall only having to bring a permission slip home when my class was heading out on a field trip. The other morning on the radio, A-Train recalled a field trip years ago his class took to the dentist without needing a permission slip, and he ended up getting blasted with a bunch radiation while receiving an x-ray.

Click below to hear Aaron recount his field trip to the dentist.


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