I am thrilled that the Press Room in Portsmouth is going to re-open on October 26th!!

According to an article from Seacoast Online, the Press Room in Portsmouth will re-open on Friday, October 26th.  Additionally, the Press Room's website also mentions their grand re-opening with the Mallett Brothers performing.

Chris Grenier and Joseph Sheets are the new owners and to say that it was a monumental feat to get the building up to code, seacoast online reported.  According to the article, the back part of the building was actually sinking in to the ground.  Many certificates of compliance and keeping up with regulations had gone by the wayside, however, with the change of ownership, that could not be ignored any longer, the article stated.

The Press Room is such a special place for so many reasons, but for me, it's the place where I got up on stage and sang with my band a few years back.  My husband, a jazz musician, has played there countless times along with probably every single musician in the area and I couldn't be happier about it re-opening.

I will be there when they open and maybe, just maybe, I'll be belting out another tune on stage at the new and improved Press Room.




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