So this weekend, February 7th-9th, is National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend.  In celebration I have ranked the Top 3 Girl Scout Cookie flavors according to me.  Unfortunately my boxes of cookies have not arrived yet, but I assure you, they have been ordered.

3.) Thin Mints- Many folks I know say that Thin Mints are their favorite.  Thin Mints are delicious but I can't eat the whole box in one sitting.  Too much mint flavor, plus your mouth gets cold (everyone knows Thin Mints are stored in the freezer).   I do like the flavor combo of mint and chocolate, but in moderation.  So for me, they sit at number three.

2.) Peanut Butter Patties -Tagalongs- One of the best flavor combinations ever created, chocolate and peanut butter, add a crispy cookie and we're talking about the second best Girl Scout Cookie flavor out there.  I can easily take down a box of these in one sitting.  These cookies are a must order every year.

1.)  Samoas - Caramel deLites- Toasted coconut, gooey caramel and chocolate over a crispy cookie.....I'll have six boxes please!!!!! Some people don't like coconut, if that's you, these cookies aren't for you.  I happen to love coconut so thats a big factor in ranking Somoas as number one.  Also, it's tough to find a flavor combo like that in the cookie aisle of the grocery store, so the uniqueness plays a part in the number one ranking as well.

So there you go, Fish's Top 3 Girl Scout Cookies ranked in Celebration of National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend.  Have a great weekend and enjoy the cookies!

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