We've all found ourselves in a situation while behind the wheel of an automobile that calls for the use of our car horn. Whether it's another driver's erroneous behavior or just to remind another motorist to be aware of their surroundings, car horns are a critical safety tool when properly used. But there are several states in the country that limit how you can use your horn before it crosses the line from safety tool into nuisance.

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It is Illegal in Maine to Honk your Horn Excessively

Maine only has two laws on the books that pertain to honking your horn. The first law states that anyone operating a motor vehicle must do so with an operation and adequate car horn. A vehicle will fail inspection if the the car horn is not suitable. The second law pertains to how an individual uses their car horn. It is against the law in Maine to unnecessarily sound a car horn or excessively use a car horn when it's not needed.


What Does Excessive Use of a Car Horn Mean?

It's unlikely the use of your car horn would result in a citation unless a vehicle operator was actively disrupting the peace in a neighborhood. There's a stipulation on the law that states if an individual manipulates their car horn to become louder or to emit a harsh sound, additional citations could be given.

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What Kind of Fine Comes From Breaking the Excessive Horn Law?

Similar to minor traffic violations, the excessive use of a car horn would only result in a minor fine for a first offense. Repeated offenses could result in higher fines or additional charges.


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