Look carefully… What the heck is this creature?

Amie James posted this video on her Facebook page. She told us she was pulling out of Dunkin’ Donuts in Little Falls Bridge Road in Rochester, New Hampshire when she saw what looked like a camel or a giraffe by the side of the road. Someone else suggested it could be the tongue of a luck dragon. We think it looks more like a giraffe than anything else, but the truth is: We could let our imaginations run wild with possible theories as to what this thing might be.

But, what is it?

Alas. It is just a plastic bag caught in a tree. It's one of the rare occasions when someone's litter becomes juxtaposed with nature to create something beautiful. The weather brings it to life: The breeze makes it look as though the animal's mouth is moving.

Even knowing it is a piece of plastic blowing in the wind, Amie can’t unsee the camel (or giraffe). Neither can we.

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