Don't look now, but our beloved New England Patriots have won 3 of their last 4 games and have a real good chance at winning again on Sunday. This tweet from their official account projects strength and confidence, an excellent sign!

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The featured photo for this article was not meant to be misleading as this 'thumbs up' from Bill Belichick was snapped long ago, but his mood concerning the play of his defense this past Sunday was as upbeat as it's ever been this season.

As those of us who have had the pleasure of enjoying six championships over the last eighteen years know, a brutal and stingy defense is always at the heart of every Patriots Super Bowl victory.

I realize that even mentioning 'The Big Game' is delusional, as their offense is light years away from competing at a Championship level.

However, we, as both a team, and it's fan base, are still very much vilified around the entire sports world! Nothing would make me happier than to watch this defense continue to click and keep us competitive enough to squeak into the playoffs.

Can you imagine that?

The NFL expands the playoffs to fourteen teams and just look at who creeps in that seventh spot in the AFC?

It would give cold sweats and fits of rage to the entire football watching world!


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