The late night comic has made millions playing a Boston sports fan, but his monologue Thursday night spoke otherwise.

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon took a dark turn for fans of the Boston Bruins, still reeling from a game seven loss the night before. The man who made a name for himself playing a crazed Bostonian on Saturday Night Live. Plus, dump trucks of coin with Fever Pitch (a movie basically ABOUT Red Sox fandom) cashed his chips in, and decided to poke fun Thursday night during his monologue.

First, he congratulated the St. Louis Blues on their win, which was fair. Also, threw in a  “Everybody in St. Louis went nuts, they got drunk, they flipped over the Arch, it was unbelievable.” Then, the turn. “That’s right the Blues beat the Boston Bruins in Game 7,” Fallon said. “It was tough for people in Boston, who were like, ‘we might not win another championship for three for four months.'”

Crickets Jimmy, crickets


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