It's been a recurring nightmare for me since I was a kid, but I'll admit I didn't know the first thing about survival until I watched this video from CBS 13 News in Maine.

The first thing that stuck with me is the 1-10-1 rule. Basically it's a rule of thumb that prevents you from panicking.

You have ONE minute to properly control your breathing, you have TEN minutes in which your movements will be at their most purposeful. And ONE hour before hypothermia starts to set in.

That's a lot of time!

Mark my words, the next time I go ice fishing, I'll be bringing two ice picks. Such an easy and effective tool to haul your 'ice' back to safety.

Turn around to face the direction you entered from, use the ice picks to drag yourself out, roll away slowly in that direction.

Just knowing the basics really helps and hopefully it'll be something I'll try the next time this happens in my nightmare.

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