The Rolling Stones are always billed as 'The Greatest Rock N Roll Band in the World' so I figured, why not bill this spoiler the same way?

Emotional Rescue - 1980

To call this title track tune 'disco infused' is a bit of an understatement, but just like all Stones records, their musical style permeates this performance and turns the 'trendy' into 'timeless'.

One of the few bands that can entertain you in a video simply by playing the song (or pantomiming in this case), this YouTube selection really gets good around the 3 minute mark.

Things to look out for include, the sudden appearance of the late legendary saxophone player Bobby Keys (Did he fall out of the sky? Did he teleport his way in?) And erstwhile original bassist Bill Wyman cracking up laughing.

We can only assume he's giggling at Mick's dance moves, which have always been both equally humorous and amazing.

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