When I first saw the story that broke yesterday about the labs in Massachusetts that approved the testing for sales of the mary-jane, I thought, "Why are they testing pot?  I know of about a billion people who smoke pot.  I could just ask them whatever they needed to know."  However, I guess they are looking for more than that.

According to an article from NECN,

The state's voter-approved recreational marijuana law requires all cannabis products be tested for contaminants and the concentration of THC — the psychotropic chemical in marijuana

The article also says that in Maine voters legalized recreational pot in 2016 and retail pot shops could begin opening next year.

Two things:  1)  I'm not a pot-smoker and 2)  I don't judge anyone who is.  I think of pot the same way that I think of alcohol.  If you use it to relax, then rock on.  BUT, if it gets in the way of your life, you have an issue and should seek help.  Just like alcohol.

I am really hopeful that MA and NH both take steps to legalize recreational use of marijuana.  I think it's time for my friends and family not to fear jail for falling asleep faster if that's what they want to do, (a friend told me that's what happened to her when she used to smoke weed) you know what I'm sayin'?  Wait.... what was I sayin'...???.....

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