Don't worry Red Sox fans, there is plenty of baseball analysis in this episode as well.

Patrick Dempsey Races For Charity At Le Mans 24 Hours
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For those of you that are here for information on fellow Lewiston, ME native Patrick Dempsey, Sarah begins her interrogation of TC at 3:00 in the audio above.

For those of you that are more interested in 'Sale's Anatomy', more specifically, his shoulder inflammation, my panicked questions begin at 1:30.

You can also notice a significant change in my tone from the over confident 'scorch the earth' expectations I had for this Red Sox team to not only win 117 games (MLB record) but to also have an undefeated cakewalk to another World Series title.

Now, I just want them to remain healthy and I'm hoping for 109 wins and a nice showing in October. It's amazing how just 7 days turns everything upside down.

Thanks to Tom Caron for providing another great 'Red Sox Insider's Report' and to Service Credit Union for making it happen!

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