Isn't that something? 'Sarah the Realtor' isn't gone five minutes and I've already put on her gold blazer (without asking) to examine this gorgeous home in her hometown of Hollis.

When WMUR-TV have their 'Mansion Monday' segments, I tend to only check them out when the home is located on the Seacoast. HOWEVER, after only one quick click I became a bit obsessed with this stately manor in Sully's hometown.

I was IN once I saw the billiard room. But 5 fireplaces and a wine cellar AND a poker room? You have got to be kidding me.

It appears as if every bedroom had its own personal bathroom too.

I haven't even mentioned the in ground pool AND the theater with posh luxury seating?

I can't wait until Sarah gets back so I can confirm that I'm seeing what I really think I'm seeing because she has much sharper eye when it comes to all things realty.

What a dream!

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