An absolute pro on the slopes, the five year-old golden retriever is the only ski patrol dog in Maine.

Next time you ski Sunday River, be on the lookout for an ultimate snow dog. Her name is Soña. She's five and a half, and is in the midst of her sixth season as a member of the ski patrol team. According to News Center Maine, Soña actually uses the lift alongside her trainer and then races down the mountain either on his shoulders, on a long leash or between his legs.

Maine only has one official ski patrol dog, mainly due to the lack of avalanche threat, as is the case out west. However, Sunday River takes a different approach. Soña interacts with the guests. Yes, there's a good chance you'll see Soña gliding down the mountain.

Soña also assists in matters that can be testy among humans. Trainer Greg Schneider told News Center Maine Soña also helps when he has to talk to guests about things like skiing too fast or on closed trails. Soña has responded to injured skiers with Greg, and some have told him it made them feel calmer having her around.





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