There's a wealth of benefits to living in Maine. Yet, there's one major reason that always seems to be overlooked. This state is incredibly safe., a personal finance website, recently published its report of the states most impacted by natural disasters. To no surprise, Maine scored very well.

Maine came in as the 50th most impacted state...dead last...which in this case is a very good thing.

Maine finished with a score of 10.30 out of 100. The scoring is based on a 100-point scale using two main categories: Number of Climate Disasters Causing $1 Billion in Damage, and Loss Amount from Climate Disasters Causing $1 Billion+ in Damage per Capita. Both categories looked at data from 1980 until the present. You can read about the methodology here.

Not surprisingly, Maine scored very low in both categories. The Pine Tree State came in 48th in number of disasters causing significant damage. The only states with lower scores are Hawaii and Alaska.

As for damage per capita, Maine was slightly higher with a 44 ranking. However, the average of the two put our great state dead last, or more importantly, the least likely to experience a massive and costly natural disaster.

Four other New England states can boast about their rankings, as well. New Hampshire came in 48th, Vermont 44th, Rhode Island 41st, and Massachusetts 40th (LOL, Connecticut).

A big congratulations(?) to Mississippi. The southern state is number 1 on Wallethub's list, scoring a near-perfect 97.50. With that and Brett Favre, I'm not sure what is safe about that state right now.

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