The name Fred Ashmore has become synonymous with the Cannonball Run. Earlier this year, Ashmore, who is from Hancock, Maine, rented a Ford Mustang and raced across the country from Manhattan, New York to Redondo Beach, California in 25 hours and 55 minutes. That breaks the previous record of 27 hours and 25 minutes set by Arne Toman, Doug Tabbutt, and Berkeley Chadwick in November 2019, according to the InsideHook.

In the video below, Ashmore shares the story of how he talked to Doug Tabbutt before deciding to make the trip across the country by himself, and how he turned a rental car into a speed machine.


We spoke with Ashmore to find out his secrets.

Maine's Fred Ashmore Reveals 7 Tricks To A Successful Cannonball Run

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