A few weeks ago, Kevin Smith, the town manager of Londonderry, New Hampshire tweeted out his frustration with the price sticker placement on his deli bags. He was tired  (like thousands of other people), of having his deli bags rip apart because the sticker was always placed over the zipper portion of the bags.

Well, Smith's tweet caught the eye of the Governor of New Hampshire. Chris Sununu replied how much he agreed and shared in Smith's frustration. Saying it defeats the cost-advantage of shopping at Market Basket if you have to re-bag all your deli purchases.

Guess what happened next? Governor Sununu posted a photo on social media showing off the new sticker placement.

So far, there has been no official word from Market Basket, which is headquartered in Tewksbury, Ma on whether or not this change is permanent and if it will be a company-wide mandate from here on out. But, at least for now, it seems you won't have to fight with Market Basket deli bags.

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