You can't complain about the NH DOT trying to repair a bridge.

According to WMUR, the State of NH DOT is giving us plenty of notice about a project on the 293 bridges over the Merrimack River in Manchester.  The bridges have heavy traffic and all that wear and tear is beginning to compromise the bridges.

You won't hear one complaint about any sort of planned detours out of me.  Think of the alternative, then you might not mind so much.

I know it's a drag being in traffic, but I always try to practice a state of Zen while driving if I run in to a jam.  I haven't read any books about it, but they are out there.  I always try to think about the people in the accident that is holding me up.  They are having a much worse day than I am.  Maybe their life just changed and I'm worried that I'll be late for my hair appointment or whatever I need to do?  No, I'm not going to do that.  I'm going to send positive vibes to the Universe and hope that whoever might be waiting for me will understand.


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