The people at came up with the most popular unique cookies for each state based on this methodology:

We went in sweet pursuit of the uniquely popular cookie for each state. ..... (we) searched the data state by state to find a cookie that's particularly popular among that state's Yummly users. Below are the results from the sweetest research project we've done all year — some of the cookies are expected, others not so much, but they're all festively tasty.

Now I know that Massachusetts is known for the North End, a/k/a Italian food heaven, but I can't take these cookies.  Maybe it's because I hate licorice and that's what these taste like.  My Irish taste-buds are just screaming for something more Irish!  Like.... Bailey's Irish Cream cookies!  YEAH!

Also, can we just talk about what they say about Maine "cookies?"

A Whoopie pie is NOT a cookie, it's a special treat to be loved and admired from afar, then from so, so close... then IN MY BELLAY!

New Hampshire cookies are MINT cookies, which... okay, I can see that, I guess, but Whoopie Pies?  No, no and no.



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