If you’re Al Harrington from Family Guy, your ship has finally come in.

A town in Massachusetts has bought up a whole bunch of those inflatable wavy guys, but not because they’re opening a used car dealership. Their concern isn’t the road, but rather the sky.

To be even more specific: birds.

As reported by WBZ-TV in Boston, Lynn is at a loss when dealing with these dinosaur descendants who now battle squirrels for bread. The one battle they’re winning is against residents hoping to use the sidewalk without be accosted by a flock – or, stepping in the remnants of their gatherings.

Chemicals, ribbing, and just plain old yelling didn’t seem to work. They needed something that was constantly dancing, always in motion. And when the New Kids weren’t available, they landed on an army of yellow, inflatable, dancing arm-wavy guys.

But there’s a catch: just keeping the guys dancing wouldn’t suffice. The key, as one town employee explains, is to turn them off and on. This creates an air of unpredictability that evidently frightens the geese (and the gander).

While other birds in the area seem to peacefully coexist, it seems the geese fight each other. But now, they’re united as a front in their war against big, yellow, inflatable, dancing wavy arm guys.

It’s like how aliens united humans in the movie Signs. Perhaps people could also use a dose of giant, yellow, dancing, blown-up wavy arm guys.

It all strangely comes back to Family Guy, though, as it a recent story from one of the show’s writers suggests they should set up some wavy guys of their own to protect their bathroom from further destruction at the hands of a New England Patriots great.

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