This is what Strahan misses most about the NFL.

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I suppose when you get to tackle the greatest QB EVER, it would rank pretty high on your list of accomplishments.

At a recent appearance, the former Giant was asked what he missed most about football.

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“You’ve never lived [until] you hit Tom Brady,” he replied. Strahan also took a shot at the Patriots QB — whose stolen Super Bowl jersey was just recovered — saying that he “had stuff stolen over the years, but I got hip to it.”

Strahan went on to say words to the effect that TB12 isn't as "hip" as he is.

It's nice that when Michael Strahan looks back on his career he misses tackling Tom Brady. Because I'm thinking when Tom finally quits the game, he'll look back at his 5+ Super Bowl rings, and won't give a thought about Strahan.

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