Mick Jagger hinted that the Rolling Stones were working on new music when he shared a video of himself recording a harmonica part on “new tunes.”

Even though he provided no further details, his message fueled rumors that 2019 is going to be a busy year for the veteran band.

If a new album is on the way, it will be their first LP of new music since 2005’s A Bigger Bang, although they recorded two new tracks for the 2012 compilation GRRR!. In 2016, they released a covers album, Blue & Lonesome, after a change of plans – they had intended to record all-new material but found themselves enjoying working on music that had inspired them instead.

You can watch Jagger in action below.

While various band members have suggested that a new studio project would arrive sometime soon, the likelihood increased after comments made by manager Joyce Smyth in a recent interview. “The schedule is being prepared about where we’re going to be over the next 12 months, in terms of some studio work, maybe some live plans or other projects that are coming through the door,” she told Music Business Worldwide.

Asked whether any member of Stones was thinking about retirement, she replied, “Well, here’s a true story: On the way back from Warsaw, from the last gig on No Filter [tour], as we were on the plane, one of the principals, who shall remain nameless, said, ‘Joyce, could I just ask, is it okay to have August off?’ I think that says it all.”

She also noted that "certainly ‘This Could Be the Last Time’ isn’t on any set list I’ve seen. We’re looking forwards, not backwards, the whole time.”

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