How could you steal from a food pantry?  I mean, c'mon.

The We Care Food Pantry in Milton depends on their truck to pick up food for families they serve here on the Seacoast.  Recently, someone STOLE the catalytic converter out of the truck, according to a story from WCVB.  You can't drive the truck without it.

Roger Eaton from the food pantry said that people came from all over the offer financial help so they could make their deliveries.  The cost of the U-Haul the needed and the repair of the truck were both covered by donations.

If someone stole food, you MIGHT be able to understand a little.  When my parents had a corner store in Nashua and if they found that someone needed food, they would just give it to them.  But these thieves stole a car part, which means that it was simply for money.  They wanted to sell the part for money.  UG.  Just breaks my heart.

I also have to say that if the person who stole the car part needed money that badly, I can't help but feel sorry for them too.  I imagine it may be because of addiction.  If so, I hope they get the help they need too.

The good part about all this is the way the community stepped up to help out.  Don't you just love to see it?  The community stepped up to help the families of the Raymond fire too that happened recently.  I am getting all the feels right now!

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