It's no secret that I love music, but these albums featured here are 5 of my all time favorites.   So much so that I have framed them and they hang upon my wall here at work.

The selection is all rock records, with the exception of Stevie Wonder, but believe me when I say to you that I have eclectic musical tastes.  I love everything from big band to heavy metal.  I just think if you put yourself out there as an artist, there is some merit and courage in what you do, so I try to look for that in every piece of music that comes my way.

Having said that, all 5 of these albums meant more to me than just the notes on the vinyl.  The songs on these albums got me through rough times, as music does for everyone.

My Dad died in January of 1976 so that's when I really hid inside my headphones and cranked the volume.  Thank God Himself for music - these albums in particular.  They hang on my wall in my office so I get to remember how lucky I am that I was able to live at the same time as Brian Johnson, Steven Tyler, David Lee Roth, Mick Jagger and the one and only - Stevie Wonder.

If you are younger than me and have not heard these albums, I highly recommend that you give them a listen.  You never know - you could discover the music of your dreams.  It happens to young people all the time.  Phil Collins, "In the Air (Tonight)" is at #3 on the charts because two young people discovered him recently. 

If you DO know these records, I suggest you listen to them again.  They are just as good as the day you dropped the needle on the record for the first time.

My 5 Favorite Classic Albums of All Time


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