The Shark took a trip into this haunted location in Gardner, MA. I also learned that our radio signals can be haunted by spirits.

The Central NH Paranormal Society was nice enough to invite me to the Haunted Victorian Mansion in Gardner and join them in a bit of ghost-hunting.

Founder Eric Perry and his team were equipped with motion sensors, lasers, recorders and anything else that could possibly pick up paranormal activity. When I arrived that afternoon, they said they had already experienced a great deal of spiritual happenings.

Here is some background from the mansion's website:

Originally a private residence of the wealthy businessman S.K. Pierce, its history of becoming a boarding house and then residence of an eccentric artist whose paintings were a bit disturbing (half man, half beast paintings) might be the reason the Victorian is infested with both active spirits and imprints of residual energy. We, the current owners, and past owners have come to live with the paranormal phenomena that are a common occurrence in the mansion. When you walk through the mansion’s 9-foot mahogany door, you can feel the resident spirits waiting to welcome you. Each visit never fails to yield remarkable paranormal evidence. The ghosts of the dead are very much alive and well at the Victorian.

The team took my girlfriend and I throughout the house and attempted to talk to the souls that haunt the mansion. The property has seen its fair share of suspicious deaths and murders since it was built in 1875.

While I didn't see or hear anything paranormal myself, the CNHPS team explained that they had felt spirits touching them and seen dark mist in the basement. I had to admit the whole place was definitely creepy.

I also learned that spirits can haunt radio waves and can be heard through a special device. No late nights for me here at the radio station.

Maybe I captured something in the video footage above that flew under the radar. Take a look and see what happened that day.

Thanks again to the Central NH Paranormal Society for letting us join their journey throughout the mansion. Find our more at


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