I absolutely love the 4th of July, love the patriotic songs, try to hit at least one carnival and fireworks display, and I DVR every one that airs on TV from Boston to DC to New York.

For several years I hosted a syndicated 4th of July music special for radio stations as well. Again, I love it!

So at first, I was pleased and smiled to see my neighbor (directly across the street from me in Dover) put up those half oval flags, reminiscent of old-time political campaigns, on his porch.

Then came the Uncle Sam lawn ornaments; then the red/white/blue strobe light in the window in the evening; then a flag with the original 13 colonies that reads "Happy 4th of July."

Well at this point my inner Clark Griswold (ala "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation") starts kicking in as I start feeling the need to outdo my neighbor.

My wife quickly shot down my plans for a marching band, militia fife and drum corp, more elaborate light display, bald eagle lawn blow up and more!

So how about you?

Do you go all out and decorate for the 4th? And/or have you seen a great big display? If so: where?! Happy birthday America!!

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