Who knew that National Pumpkin Day was an official thing every October 26? Yep, it's true, and we're not complaining.

New England is arguably one of if not the best places in the country to enjoy a beautiful fall season. And with fall, of course, comes pumpkins. Everywhere.

Whether they're left out as decorations in or around your home, carved into jack-o-lanterns for Halloween, made into a scrumptious pie or pastry, or inspire pumpkin beverages at your favorite cafe, there's no denying the grip that pumpkin has on us during these months. The fact that there's a national day to celebrate our love of this fruit (that's right, pumpkins are technically fruit), makes it all the better.

A recent study by LawnStarter revealed the best cities for pumpkin lovers in the year of our Lord, 2022. Seven "pumpkin-friendliness factors" were used to determine the findings, including the proximity to pumpkin beverages, treats, patches, and pumpkin-related events.

The study went on to identify the cities with the most and fewest pumpkin patches, bakeries, and coffee shops per square mile, as well as breweries serving pumpkin beer.

So, here's a countdown of the five New England cities that ended up in the top 100 cities for pumpkin lovers. Is your town on the list? Are you surprised by the place that ranked the highest, or alternatively, places not mentioned at all? This writer was.

These 5 New England Cities Are Among the Best for Pumpkin Lovers

recent LawnStarter study revealed the best cities for pumpkin lovers in 2022. Here's a countdown of the five New England cities that appeared in the top 100.

Speaking of New England cities, here are eight more that WalletHub says are among the best in the country.

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A WalletHub study revealed that New England is home to eight of the best small cities in the country.

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